“Not Taught” | Jim Keenan | Part 1

I wanted to start off my new writing adventure with the man, and book,  that gave me the motivation to take the leap; Jim Keenan. He prefers to go by Keenan… So we’ll call him Keenan from here on out! Keenan wrote the book “Not Taught and if you haven’t picked it up yet, you’re missing out. The parts of his book that I chose to write about resonate with me right now. Six months from now, I could re-read the book and have a whole new list of things to talk about. Where he caught my attention and pushed me to get uncomfortable was on page xxi.


“It’s not fair that no one is teaching you these keys to success. I wrote this book to change that. It will open your eyes to more than just the changes happening around you; it will show you what it’s going to take to compete in this new era of information and friction less communication”1.

This really resonates with me because I’ve worked for three different organizations in three different industry’s in the past two years. I’ve been able to see and experience different types of training, mentoring and goals. All of which are behind the times in terms of ‘thinking outside the box’. That’s a cliche way of wording it but it’s true. In the age of information, people do their research before looking to buy. They want to look at reviews so they can read the good, the bad and the ugly. If someone calls to buy my product from me, I’m already late to the table. They probably already have a good grasp as what I have to offer compared to the competition. Keenan has helped create a road map for myself so that I can compete and win against the competition!

“We were made to connect with one another!”2     View Jordan Barta's profile on LinkedIn

Before we go any further, send me a connection invite. Maybe there is someway we can work together or refer each other business. I’ve established connections with people all over the world and in many different industries. Who knows!

“The key is to be seen as active, engaged, and generous on social media. Then you will get noticed. With notice comes reach, and with reach comes influence, and I cannot undersell the importance of influence to success in the twenty-first century.”3


Now you can clearly see why I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to start my writing adventure. I’ve very active on LinkedIn & Twitter…So now it’s time for me to brand myself and start establishing klout. To add gasoline to the fire, I leverage #socialselling. If this is your first time hearing about Social Selling, you need to step your game up! Become an expert or thought leader in your field and share content. When you’re able to provide valuable insight for a certain topic, people will come to you for answers. My goal with this website is to turn books into Ah-Ha moments for sales people.

“If you want to be successful in today’s world, you need to create brand you and promote the shit out of it”4

Keenan asks some very valuable questions through out the first quarter of his book. He wants you to start thinking about YOU. Where do you come in? What value can you bring? How do you differentiate yourself? Who is your target market? If you don’t have the answer to these questions yet… that’s okay! Sit down and start thinking. When I created blogs in the past, I failed. Why? I wanted to make money off the blog and drive traffic to affiliate websites. I wasn’t providing any value to anybody!

“The simple truth is, value drives everything”5

Value is why we do things. What is the value of working out and eating healthy? To live longer, feel good and look good naked. That is my goal! I want to provide as much value as possible while taking this journey to write.

Please leave feedback so that I can learn from you, the reader! What do you want to read about? How long should my posts be? I’ve got thick skin and can take the constructive criticism.


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There’s more to come from me about:

Not Taught | Jim Keenan



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8 thoughts on ““Not Taught” | Jim Keenan | Part 1

  1. Build your professional brand. How freaking critical to your success in sales. Let’s face it everybody googles everybody. What people find about you or not find will determine their level of engagement with you. The digital aspects of selling is alive and well. Build your professional brand and promote the shit out if it. #salesjealously for the non believers

  2. Thanks for the comment Larry. Yes sir! It’s amazing the see people get jealous when you’ve tried to show them how your building your brand and they don’t believe you’ll be successful. The proof is in the pudding.

  3. Great start my man! I love this quote, it’s the money quote of the entire piece — “My goal with this website is to turn books into Ah-Ha moments for sales people.”

    That’s savage, if you deliver on that goal, this will be a VERY popular blog!

    Thanks my man! Honored to be your first (and second) review. ????????

  4. Thank you so much for showing the love! It’s truly amazing how engaging you’ve been. You said you’d be watching me.. so I’m not going to let you down!
    This is only the beginning.

  5. Proof is always in the follow-up. Commit to goals publicly here on how often you’ll post, what topics you’ll cover, etc… Then just follow through. Love the start, looking forward to the rest!

  6. Thanks Lucas! I appreciate the comments. I’ve made the commitment mentally… Now it’s time to tell the world!
    Have you checked out the book yet?

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