Sales Hacker Recap With Jeff Bajorek

Q1: How has social selling changed sales?

Can we please stop saying that? It hasn’t. It has enabled us to connect with so many more people, but that’s about changing scale, not changing sales.

Q2: How Do Sales Professionals Begin to Grow Their Personal Brand?

You mean after you realize you need to? Have an opinion. Make it known. Have something to say. Write it down and press ‘publish’. Start by paying attention. Notice things. Then think. Then write. The writing part is crucial. The writing turns into videos, podcasts, ebooks, etc. Maybe that’s a #saleshackerchat for another time?

Q3: What ways are sales professionals selling incorrectly today?

Sales pros are thinking quantity over quality and efficiency over effectiveness. I have no shame . The most important sales tool you have is your brain, and you’re trying to remove it from the process. Everything is a template, a script, an algorithm. Nobody’s having any fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong #saleshackerchat

Q4: What steps can sales professionals take to change their poor selling habits?

Rethink the way you sell! Understand what you’re trying to accomplish and why. If you were the customer, would that technique/tactic make you act?  If you were the customer, would those words influence you? It’s not about what you’re selling, why would anybody buy it?

Q5: What is The Top Sales Activity that will Ensure A Consistent Sales Pipleline?

prospecting, duh! Don’t forget about your current customers. They’re your best advocates. Create an attraction. It’s more than just inbound, be someone that people want to associate with. Be a resource, and constantly be thinking in the best interests of your customers. This will help you hone your messaging too, it’s not just about attracting new leads

Q6: How can sales professionals become more productive?

Understand what you’re trying to accomplish and why. Have very clear priorities and set boundaries

priorities -> focus -> discipline -> effectiveness -> success -> freedom


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