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think-and-grow-richYou… Ya You…

“You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it and reach your own decisions. If you need facts or information from other people to enable you to reach decisions, as you probably will in many instances, acquire these facts or secure the information you need quietly, without disclosing your purpose.”1

This Ah-Ha Moment is more of a slap in the face. We’re living in an age right now where there are a lot of sheep just following along. Nobody really speaking up for themselves or being original. I’ve been there, you’ve been there and it’s okay. The faster you can snap out of it and be your own decision maker, the faster you can take back control or power in these situations.

When I first started writing, I’d reach out to a few select people to see what they thought and if I should change anything. They’d give me their feedback and encouragement. After a few times of doing this, I realized that I need to be the one deciding the outcome of my writing and that I shouldn’t rely on other people as much. I’m NOT saying don’t ask for  help… but after a while, it’s time to put your big boy pants on and do it yourself.

Reaching these decisions is difficult because it’s uncharted territory for myself. Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable!

“Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely know what they want, and generally get it. The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly. That is the major reason why they are leaders. The world has the habit of making room for people whose words and actions show they know where they are going.”2

Think about that for a second. Look at anybody that’s made it big in their respected field and analyze why. I can guarantee that they weren’t afraid to make a decision. They were willing to take action and have a burning desire behind it. DISCLAIMER: If you’re happy going through life at a normal pace and living for the weekend, that’d absolutely fine! There is nothing wrong with that… My first job out of college, I was happy with that.

If you’re striving to do more, be better, achieve greater and not stop, these Ah-Ha Moments are for you. There is no stopping and you MUST have that burning desire!

“THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PERSISTENCE! It cannot be supplanted by any other quality! Remember this in the beginning and it will hearten you when the going may seem difficult and slow. Those who have cultivated the habit of persistence seem to enjoy insurance against failure. No matter how many times they are defeated, they finally arrive up near the top of the ladder.”3

People that aren’t willing to give up always do better than people that are willing to settle. Napoleon Hill uses incredible examples through out the book to paint a clear picture. Look at Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger… the list goes on. Persistence is everything. Without it, you don’t have the foundation to carry through.

When I ‘forget’ to read and write, I often scold myself because I’ve gotten lazy. This ‘thing’ I’m doing is for such a bigger picture and if I slack in this area, it will take longer to reach my goal. Staying persistence towards my goal helps remind me why I need to keep writing content!

Anybody can wish for riches, and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan plus a burning desire for wealth are the only dependable means of accumulation it.”4

“Think & Grow Rich” is all about the concept of obtaining wealth. I think this last Ah-Ha Moment can have a dual meaning because some people don’t actually strive to make more money. They want to help others and feel good about their work and that’s all they want. Obviously they want to live comfortably, but I don’t think there are a lot of people out there thinking, ‘I’ve got to make over $500k this year and I’ll do anything to get there.’ At some point, you sacrifice things in life… family, friends, etc.

However, it is true… most people wish for stuff. If they get it, great, if they don’t, they never thought they’d get it in the first place, so no big deal. Unfortunately, I see this often. People give up too easily. If you’re read this far, I challenge you to define a goal, design a plan and make it happen. Make sure you’ve got that desire; Lord knows you need it. 😉


There’s more from me to come about: Think & Grow Rich


#AskGaryVee | Gary Vaynerchuk | Part 1

Photo Mar 17, 08 29 14This isn’t Gary Vee’s first book and I sure hope it’s not his last. He writes about it all… literally everything! There is something new on every page and the book flows so smoothly. He answers so many different types of questions in this book, and it’s full of Ah-Ha Moments!

“… if there’s any advice I can offer you that will change the entire trajectory of your career, it’s to start pushing on both edges. Raise the bar on your business philosophy, dig deeper into your craft. You want to be an equally good architect as you are a mason.”1

This is coming from a guy that has it all figured out; literally! He took his family’s wine company and blew it out of the water. He built an empire of a brand and continues to follow through on his message. He’s on the ground digging in the dirt and he’s also up in the clouds building his empire. Honestly, the Ah-Ha Moments in this book will make you wish you’d followed his YouTube channel years ago.

While getting deeper into this book, I find myself rereading pages. The mental reinforcement Gary Vee gives the reader really show us that he knows what he’s talking about. Case in point: When I was considering leaving the country to go play football overseas… I was going to quit my job, put my stuff in storage and trust some random coach 5,500 miles away…

“Suck it up. Make the call. And remember: Be grateful if you’re lucky enough to have too many options. It’s a blessing and a half.”2

I made the call and boy was I right! I can honestly say… It was an incredible experience! So incredible, that I went to Germany the following year to do it again. Gary Vee takes it a step deeper though. What if the decision I made turned out to be the wrong one? Well, it’d have been a learning experience. Never walk away from a bad experience without reflecting on it. Learn from it and come back even better or stronger.

Half the struggle of making any decision in life is taking the first step!

“Taking that first step can often be the only thing standing in your way, because once you start getting shit done, the momentum just carries you forward. There’s no doubt that taking that first step can be terrifying. I get it. I really do. But I also have to wonder, would you be so afraid if you know no one was watching?”3

Dude! I love it! My reader… yes you… think back to January… would you ever have thought I would be writing?! Me neither. All I had to do was start!! I was worried, obviously. But once I got past that and said ‘F it’, I’m reading and writing all the time… and I love it! I hope you do too!

After reading “Not Taught” by Jim Keenan, I knew I had to do it and I’m so freaking happy I did. I took the opportunity that presented itself and ran with it. I’m still running baby!

“You don’t see obstacles – you see opportunities. Optimists accept that obstacles will be in their path, and assume they’ll figure out a way around them. Which is not to say the grind isn’t hard for optimists, too. It is. They just like it.4

I was pretty good at Football; not to toot my own horn. How do you think I got good? The right mindset and hard work. I played defensive end and I weighed 205 lbs. Everytime I steped into the gym, I was going to lift more weight. Everytime I steped onto that field, I was going to whoop that kids ass in front of me. The grind is where the men separate themselves from the boys and the women separate themselves from the girls. It’s in our DNA and we absolutely thrive off it!

I’ve always been an optimist and I’ve always known that I’ll continue to do better everyday. Why do you think I started reading and writing? I want to give people the Ah-Ha Moment! I want to continue getting better and also provide value to other people!

“I provided value with the content that I relentlessly pump out. You need to do the same”5

There’s that word again! VALUE. Give people value and they’ll become your greatest fan. I’ve got my people that provide value for me… Do I provide value for you?!

If there’s something that sticks out about my posts, don’t hesitate to comment! I love feedback… regardless good or bad.


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