French Connection is shocking the Crypto World

If you’re reading this, you’re still VERY early. French Connection is shocking the crypto world one day at a time. If you don’t believe me, head over to their website and read all about it.

I have been a member of their telegram community for roughly 4 weeks now and I can tell you that it is one of the best I’ve been a part of. The Developers are active, daily. The mods are helpful, 24/7 and the community is supportive.

French Connection pays a Dividend DAILY to all of it’s holders. 5% of every transaction is collected and redistributed in BNB. Just by holding French Connection, you’re collecting BNB. Most of the #FCF Army currently reinvested their BNB back into French Connection. They truly understand the capabilities of this token. It’s also more than just a token. In the very near future, French Connection will be launching their Credit Card Gateway.

This will allow merchants to accept any cryptocurrency or FIAT in exchange of their product and/or services. The payment gateway will function like Paypal and will give the option of purchasing crypto on it. Retailers are going to be able to use crypto as a payment method. All the fees collected from the transactions are going to be sent into the liquidity pool (increasing FCF base price) and the dividend pool (Rewarding holders with BNB). RE-READ THAT!! Every transaction made via French Connection is going to boost the value of the token and the dividend payouts! That’s insane.

Starting on November 16th, French Connection is being added to LBANK! You’re able to get FCF on Pancake Swap but by having FCF tradable on LBank, SO many more people are going to have access to purchase this FANTASTIC token. Feel free to sign up via my referral code: HERE

FCF holders will be PAID their dividends from the volume on LBank. LBank is the #25 LARGEST exchange based on volume. OVER $1 Billion traded a day. RE-READ that again. FCF is going to be listed on an exchange with over $1 Billion worth of volume a day. Even 1% of the daily volume will be 10 Million. We’re averaging roughly 1-2 Million in volume a day right now. Imagine 10 times that amount.

Whenever you Tweet about French Connection, include #FCF and #FCFPay. Let’s shock the crypto world baby!