Your Network is Powerful… You Already Know This!

power of whoThe Power of Who… WOW! I can’t even begin to express to you the power of the message within this book. It’s simple, right? I’ll mail you my copy if you want read it… that’s how serious I am about the value this book has to offer. Bob Beaudine does an incredible job walking you through The life cycle of the Power of Who. First and foremost;

“Just Begin. If you have a dream, it’s going to take some creative thinking, strategizing, and good, old-fashioned hard work to bring it into reality. Set your course then stick to it even in the face of adversity or setback. Don’t wait for some great benefactor to reorganize your genius or talent and being to to fund and promote you. If you do, you’ll likely be waiting your entire life.”[note]Page 77[/note]

I love it man! Just do it…. just go. Look what I did. It’s been exactly 7 months since I’ve started this journey and I can’t even begin to tell you the success that has come from this. You wouldn’t believe the opportunities that have presented themselves. ‘Hip Hip Hooray Jordan… Look at you… What about me?’

You gotta start! I have some friends, which are apart of my ‘who’ network that weren’t last year, that have DONE the exact same thing as myself. When we talk… we always laugh because we’re blown away by how far we’ve come. Gives me chills. It’s so simple! As you develop these relationship and people see you growing, they want to join in and be apart of the success. We often surround ourselves with other like ourselves. I truly believe that if you put good energy out, you’ll get good energy back.

“It’s almost tribal. All of the sudden you have access and favor that you haven’t had in other streams with other people. You have friends and friends of friends who will help you simple because the feel you’re part of them they are part of you, and you like each other. There exists a natural preference. Pay attention. Stay alert.”[note]Page 89[/note]

You HAVE to be self aware of these things. If you’re just cruising through life doing stuff at your own pace, you won’t get far. You’re going to need something from someone, somewhere. Find those people that will help build you up… Obviously, you’ve got to give to receive. It’s an incredible feeling when you know who’s in your tribe! Don’t take that lightly.

Living in the age of social networking, texting, emailing… and however you can remove the personal interaction to get more done, people forget about the personal side of life. If we don’t take the time to have ‘friend’ conversations with our ‘who’, how are we ever supposed to help them get to where they want to go?

“When we allow others access to our personal world, we give them the opportunity to see into us in ways we’re not able to see ourselves. Help other see the potential you see in them and allow others to give you clues about what they see in you. Everyone involved will enjoy the view.”[note]Page 100[/note]

Recently, I befriended some people that are rock stars in my network. Now that we get to see into one another’s personal lives, the power of who becomes even greater. Instead of having conversation all of the time about work/business, we have conversation around family and events. We talk about goals and how we can help one another. We bounce ideas off of each other and look for honest feedback.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort and time… you just gotta do it. These people I talk about, these ‘who’ have someway helped me; as I’ve helped them. It’s a mutual relationship where both parties WANT to help each other. These ‘who’ have been my ‘bridges’.

“The ‘what‘ in life will take you only so far. Sooner or later you’ll come to a chasm you can’t cross without someone’s help. That’s the ‘who‘ I’m talking about. People are ‘bridges‘ you must cross to get where you want to go. You can stay on the other side if you choose, but you need to understand that your ‘what‘ will never come into play until your ‘who‘ brings you across.”[note]Page 124[/note]

You can’t go at this stuff all alone. There’s that old say, ‘It takes a village to raise a kid’… It takes a ‘who’ network to help build you up. Within that network, you’ll find some people that you watch from afar. You want to learn from them, or be like them or do something similar to them. Right? You’re just figuring out how you can do that.

I’m always looking at ‘the best’ and trying to figure out how I can do what they’re doing but better. They’ve got these processes in place and they’re successful, so how can I do something similar with my own flare. Why recreate the wheel if someone else already had a blueprint?

“It takes study and practice to become skilled in the dream you’re pursuing. When you find that job you love and are willing to pay the price to become the absolute best at it, then your own unique style and genius will begin to take over and create a new story line that’s even better than the one you mirrored. So, be clear about what you want, and mirror the best!”[note]Page 137[/note]

How often do you pitch yourself in the mirror? How often do you do presentations out loud mimicking successful speakers? Continuously being self aware and critiquing yourself will make you better. When you’ve got someone to look up to, that’s already successful, take tidbits from them. I think it’s a compliment!


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