How to Buy AiChain with Pancake Swap with Trust Wallet

To retrieve the AiChain coin contract, either access it on:

  • The website (
  • BSCScan (
  • coinmarketcap/coingecko (Coming Soon)
  • Additionally you can copy here (0x88B62A87b1f71755B9C8e25EE4E3D5AEc6467BF2).

#1 Open up Trust Wallet, Click on Browse at the bottom and find ‘Pancake Swap’.

#2 Add AiChain so you can swap for it. Click on ‘select a currency’

#3 From here, you’re going to paste the contract code into the ‘select a token’ as seen below. Select AiChain

Once you’ve selected it, click the X.

#4 Now, your Pancake Swap should look like the below. You are swapping BNB for AiChain.

#5 Go ahead and select how much you would like to trade for.

Once you’ve selected you amount, hit SWAP.

CONGRATULATIONS. You now own AiChain!

Sales Tools & Technology with Miles Austin

#SALESHACKERCHAT Recap With The Man, The Myth, The Legend Miles Austin!

All tools shared today can be found at

Connect with Miles on LinkedIn, Twitter and his website;

Q1:  What are the hottest trends for tools that sales professionals can utilize in 2017?

  • Hottest trends this year in sales: Video. Facebook. Bots Where should we begin?

Q2:    What social media platform delivers the best sales results?

  • Several are productive- I am having best results with Facebook
  • LinkedIn performs best in certain industries but lacks behind in capability

Q3:     What are some tools to help sales professionals with prospecting?

  • Nudge- shows contact social activity right in my Gmail client.
  • Gong provides actionable sales coaching for your calls – Very powerful.
  • Sprout Social – brings your customer social activity into one screen. A must.
  • Nimble is effective because it provides contact history along with fresh social info.

Q4:     What are some tools that can improve communication and effectiveness with customers?

  • Video is proven to be THE most effective communication method, sometimes better than F-T-F.
  • Look now to see how many unread emails are in your inbox.
  • Now look to see how many unread Facebook Messages are unread. That blue icon works for you.
  • Bots in many cases are the absolute best way to communicate.
  • Bots provide the best answers to common questions in the fastest way available.

Q5:     Are there any new presentation tools for sales presentations that sales professionals should use now?

  • Haiku Deck is a powerhouse with stunning images, AI that finds images for your content
  • Haiku Deck presentations can be given directly or exported to Power point or Video.
  • Another top presentation tool is Zoom. Fast, effective with all the visual tools
  • Every rep should have their own web meeting software – Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting.

Q6:     What types of video should sales professionals take advantage of?

  • Live video is extremely effective. Facebook live is free and can be effective.
  • Take advantage of a whole lot of goodness with – turns Facebook live into a powerhouse.
  • Simple, short how-to or show-me videos can be captured easily with tools like Loom, Soapbox or ViewedIt.

Q7:     Do you feel it is important for sales people to have some marketing tools?

  • Every top performer I know is using marketing tools in their daily activities.
  • Every sales person should have their own email service like Mailchimp or AWeber as a personal database.
  • I believe every sales person should have an online home base that THEY own – a website.

I will add additional tools that came up in this chat here later this morning

Q8:     What gains have been made in the fields of bots and artificial intelligence that sales can leverage?

  • Bots are here now and having a huge impact on progressive sales teams.
  • Simple message bots for improved interaction on social are very effective.
  • check out blue lightning bolt icon in bottom right page on my website:
  • I wrote an introductory post about Sales Bots last week:
  • Bots remove the tedious, repetitive activity from a sales pro, allowing them to do the important work.
  • Bots improve response rates to the common questions and improve customer satisfaction.