How to Buy AiChain with Pancake Swap with Trust Wallet

To retrieve the AiChain coin contract, either access it on:

  • The website (
  • BSCScan (
  • coinmarketcap/coingecko (Coming Soon)
  • Additionally you can copy here (0x88B62A87b1f71755B9C8e25EE4E3D5AEc6467BF2).

#1 Open up Trust Wallet, Click on Browse at the bottom and find ‘Pancake Swap’.

#2 Add AiChain so you can swap for it. Click on ‘select a currency’

#3 From here, you’re going to paste the contract code into the ‘select a token’ as seen below. Select AiChain

Once you’ve selected it, click the X.

#4 Now, your Pancake Swap should look like the below. You are swapping BNB for AiChain.

#5 Go ahead and select how much you would like to trade for.

Once you’ve selected you amount, hit SWAP.

CONGRATULATIONS. You now own AiChain!