How to Get Out of Your Own Way

I love reading motivational books! The amount of motivational sentences you can pull from these books is mind boggling. It’s time to change… it’s time for you to start doing! You’re busy… all day; work, family, life, traffic, kids, health, and the list goes on. You forget about your dreams and where you wanted to be in 5 years… and that was 5 years ago. You’ve lost focus on the big picture and became inundated with menial daily tasks. You’re stressed about the small stuff because you don’t know what else you should do.

“Many of us have gotten sidetracked and forgotten our original dream, spending our lives doing derivative work. This memory lapse has become epidemic. We have less and less time to calmly think about the direction our lives have taken and reflect on our current course.”[note]Page 5[/note]

This is your wake up call. Shake the cobwebs out, pick yourself up and recreate that dream you once had. Honestly, what $(KGrHqEOKkUE1pFpDe0FBNj+c,rg7Q--_35do you have to lose? I’ll use myself as an example; I started writing, obviously… I don’t have a writing degree… I think I’ve taken 3 writing classes my entire life, but here I am. You know why? Because I know that what I’m doing now is going to directly affect the path to my dreams.

If a door closes… don’t get discouraged. It’s just a message telling you that maybe that wasn’t the best option for you. We all get side tracked at sometime or another, but it’s up to you and your ‘who’, to get you back on your feet. Think of your ‘who’ as your network and your network’s’ network.

“One of the big lies many of us tell ourselves is that our current position in life disqualifies us from achieving our dreams and goals.”[note]Page 9[/note]

‘I’m too old. I’m too young.’ Whatever the excuse is… you’re only kidding yourself. It’s never too early and it’s never too late in life to begin walking on a path to your dreams. The future is coming whether you like it or not. You NEED to ask yourself, ‘Are the things I’m doing right now, steering me closer to my dreams or life I desire?’

Want to know what the hardest part is?! Getting started… Getting started is the hardest part when you decide that you’re going to change the outcome of your future. Finding the energy, courage and dedication to do something different. Now… I’m not telling you to quit your job; but I’m hoping you’ll start making small changes.

“Maybe you feel you lack the courage or self-confidence to start doing what you’ve always dreamed of doing. But you’ll be amazed at the sense of empowerment you feel as you take those first steps.; Things will start to fall into place. Life will begin to make sense again.”[note]Page 13[/note]

Things do fall into place! Put forth the effort and things will change. One thing that makes all of this possible is your ‘who’ network. These are the people that you’d call your friends or connections. In the information age, our networks can be huge! You could have thousands of connections on LinkedIn and all of those people could have thousands of connections. Potentially, your ‘who’ network could be massive. People that are in your network may not be willing to help you… but you don’t know until you ask.

“The good news is ‘You Got ‘WHO’!’ Everyone in your network has their ‘who’ network and everyone in that ‘who’ network has their circle of ‘who’ friends and on and on it goes. It’s exponential!”[note]Page 20[/note]

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked for favors, or help and someone has responded. People are willing to help… you just have to ask. I’ve made incredible connections with people outside of my network because someone close to me facilitated an introduction. I’ve gotten job interviews and later received jobs because of someone in my ‘who’ network. I’ve spoken with CEO’s and decision makers within organizations that normally I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of.

People make the mistake of never reaching out and asking for help. You can’t take life on head first by yourself… I mean, you can, but it’s very difficult. Imagine this; starting your own business… Where do you turn to? I’d hope you’d reach out to anyone in your ‘who’ network that’s already started their own business. You can read material and be educated, but you don’t know what it’s like to go through the process of starting a business. Don’t be so stubborn.

“They’re here to help you and you’re here to help them. It just might turn out that someone you know right now will be in a position to open an important door for you later, perhaps at a time when you need it most.”[note]Page 26[/note]

Think about all of the times you’ve helped someone out or they’ve helped you out! Once you realize the power of ‘who’, and have that Ah-Ha Moment, the possibilities are endless. It’s never too late for anybody. Shift your mentality a little bit and the possibilities are endless.


Less Talk; More Do!

  1. Recreate your dream
  2. Figure out how you can work towards that dream
  3. Start doing something that gets you towards that dream
  4. Examine your network and find people that you need to help
  5. ASK them for help



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