Why I Eat The Same Breakfast Everyday And You Should Too

This relates to routine, efficiency and cost effectiveness… all things that directly relate to how any professional should utilize their day! I eat two pieces of bacon and two hard boiled eggs at 9 a.m. +/- 10 minutes. I wake up anywhere from 5:15am to 6am to begin my day and I have a cup of coffee. By eating the same thing at the same time everyday, I know EXACTLY when I’ll be hungry for lunch and it’s one less decision I have to make in the morning. My stomach doesn’t growl, I don’t get cravings for snacks and it costs me roughly $1.08 per breakfast.

Preparation: In The Office & In The Kitchen

Just like how some professionals prepare for their day in advance; ie: who they call and what meetings they have, I prepare the weeks breakfast on Sunday. I can hard boil the eggs and bake the bacon at the same time. This might seem like over killer or insane, but I save so much time every morning not having to make a decision about breakfast. One less decision to make allows me to focus on the other choices the day will present. Why do you think Zuckerberg and Jobs wore the same thing everyday…?

Also, from a cost saving strategy, I save a lot of money! I don’t get cravings, I don’t go to Starbucks and I don’t get any type of food crash. By preparing my breakfast prior to week, I can focus on the job at hand. Eating on the go is also very easy…. AND who doesn’t love bacon?

Routine: Every week

We all develop some type of routines in our lives because it’s a sense of security. I like finding a routine and then making it better and more efficient. While I prospect for new business, I have a routine that I go through every day. I will add or remove steps to increase efficiency. Same goes for how you prepare yourself for the week. I am conscious about my health and maximizing how much effort I put forth during the day. In order the maximize out put, I need to maximize input.

I don’t stop working to eat breakfast and I rarely stop working to take lunch. I eat right through it… why? because why waste an hour during the day when you can be focusing on your goals & dreams? Nobody ever got anywhere by taking a long lunch or spending time in the cafeteria hanging out. It might seem excessive but it works for me and I love it.


We all want to retire and we all want to go on nice vacations… all the time. By minimizing the amount of money I spend on food, but maximizing the nutritional value, it’s a win/win. It’s the athlete in me thinking about consuming food based on nutritional value. I know exactly when I’ll be hungry after my 3 minute and $1.08 breakfast. Because I’m in sales, there are a lot of moving parts. Prospecting, clients, management meetings.. etc. If I have to worry about all of those things and then I need to figure out when I can eat, I might go mad.

The beautiful part of having a simple routine like this is that it allows me to focus on other things. It also helps keep my other routines moving smoothly. It might seem silly to you, which is fine, but I can guarantee that this small routine has done wonders for me and I know it can do wonders for you.

If you want, lets talk about how a small routine can help you. I can even share with you my cooking routine! I also cook my lunch while I cook my bacon and eggs. A few years back, I ate oatmeal and a scoop of protein… it also worked very well for nutritional value.

Side note: I consume a keto diet; high fat, low carb. My test results for my cholesterol and blood are near perfect.

Start small! Let me know your thoughts 🙂