Western Governors University MBA Experience and Review

If you’ve come across this posting, you’ve either been searching for feedback on WGU or you’ve heard the podcast episode between Jeff and myself. Either way, welcome! (Updated March 2020) (If you’re looking for a referral to save yourself the $65 for the application, apply here!)

First question you’re asking yourself is; Is this a real, accredited University? Will this be the same as if I went to my local in state/public college? YES100%. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what we see online… Before I started, I spent a lot of time and energy confirming… it’s TRUE! (Link)

I’m going to talk about

– My over-all experience (which was absolutely fantastic.) FREE to apply HERE!

– How to work smarter

– Things I’d do different

I started on April 1st, 2017 & completed on February 28th, 2018. Roughly 12 months! Can you believe that? I was able to complete my MBA in 12 months. Oh, and, I forgot to mention, during the 2017 holidays, I took a three month ‘break’ so I could travel with my wife and family. I was working full time as well. If I was able to do it that quickly… you can too! My wife get her MBA in Healthcare Management shortly after me and did it in 7 months… Wild!

My over-all experience

The over-all experience was fantastic. The technology continuously got better which made the online books , watching videos, take quizzes and tests much easier. (You don’t need to buy your books either!) Having access to the course mentors calendars and scheduling time with them made that process really easy. I’d chat with my adviser once a week on our weekly calls and we’d game plan what I was going to accomplish. This definitely helped keep me on track!

You have access to a writing center, a math lab… I can’t remember the rest of the folks that you have at your disposal, but the point is; WGU goes above and beyond to give you the tools to be successful. USE THEM. If they offered a PhD program, I’d sign up for that.

On top of this, WGU is affordable. They offer a lot scholarships too. Check with your employer to see if they offer a tuition reimbursement.

Working Smarter

Once you’re accepted into the program and you get your start date, access the student portal often. Play around, get used to it and know how to navigate. It’ll help you greatly. You’ll receive the first class rubric before the class starts… I can’t remember the exact amount of days, ask your adviser. Get into the reading and begin working on your task. Most student get a paper. NO JOKE, you can do your studying, write your paper and submit on the first day of class. You’ll get feedback or pass. BOOM – first class down.

When beginning a new class, go to the tasks list. Know exactly what you need to do in order to pass the class. Know the areas of focus, if its a test. Print out the percentages that the test is made of. Focus on the areas that matter the most or areas that you lack in. I was able to pass a test after looking at the material for a week because, at the time, my job specialized in that topic.

Schedule time with the adviser. Ask them for feedback on where students typically struggle. Do they have other practice material or workbooks you can use? Most of these adviser has been with WGU for a while so they have a clear understanding of what it takes to pass.

Additionally, When beginning a new class. GOOGLE the class name. Look at Reddit and Quizlet. There are so many resources online that can help you. Why reinvent the wheel? Someone might have a tip and trick that you weren’t aware of.

Things I’d do different

The reason I bring this up is; my wife took the MBA shortly after me and my sister is in the middle of it now. While helping mentor/coach my wife, I was able to see things about the text and that I didn’t previously.

When writing a paper, just write. Don’t correct grammar or worry about sentence flow until you’re ready to submit. Don’t allow yourself to stop the flow of words because you’re worried about the small stuff. Just write, cover the topics and move on to other sub tasks. If you’ve hit writers block on one area, move to the next and start a new paragraph. I spent so much time correcting my errors while I was writing that it’d take me a week or two to write my paper. It had to be perfect. Then, I’d submit, and get feedback that I need to fix something. My suggestion: Get it all on paper, clean it up and then submit. If you get feedback, make the changes! If not, you saved yourself time by not being perfect. Does that make sense?

When writing papers, literally write what you’re supposed to be writing about. If the sub task is: “Describe the three leadership traits you most likely compare yourself with”. – In the paper, write that and then go into an explanation as to why. Make sure you have enough context and content. THIS makes it so much easier for the grader to see where your sub tasks begin and end. They can’t read your mind and they read a lot of these. By making it as easy as possible for them to grade your work, you’re helping yourself greatly.

I struggled on Managerial Accounting, BAD. I failed it more time than I care to admit. Why did I fail so bad? I rushed and tried to cram. I had 5 days left in the quarter and then I was taking a 3 month break. I needed to get it done. Boy did that hurt. (I love the subject now) Attend the webinars, watch the replays, get with your mentor so they can do screen share and work with you in real time, practice practice practice. My wife passed it on her first attempt.


Below are the things I’d do if I was starting on a new MBA tomorrow.

1. Dig through the test material so you have an understanding of how the test will be designed. Will there by more questions on one area over another. Study every topic but focus on the major areas since those are worth more points.

2. Meet with the course mentor immediately upon adding the class to your list and pick their brain on what areas to focus on. Especially if this class is something you’ve never learned about before.

3. Ask questions often; source mentor, jabber or other online tools.

4. Time Management is extremely important. Lock yourself in your office or bedroom so you can focus on studying. Get off your cell phone and really focus. It’s very much worth it.

5. When writing papers, just write. If you hit a wall, go to the next section and start writing. Personally, I’d spend too long correcting my writing and then pass with flying colors. I could have submitted my draft (completed), and gotten feedback on the areas where I needed to focus on fixing OR, I could have passed. It’s hard to know exactly what the grader wanted to see.

6. Scour the web for other information. So many other people have shared their experience and feedback on courses, spend a little time looking for it. There are so many tips and tricks out there that can help.

7. If you’re a go-getter, be the head person for your Capstone group. That will help get the course done. If you have three people in your group that are taking their time and lolly gagging, chances are, it’ll take you three months. I’ve heard people completing it as fast as 28 days. It does take a little while.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post about Western Governors University. If you’d like to sign up, to get information, send me a message and I’ll send you a referral code. I get a few bucks to spend at the WGU store and your application is free. Thanks!

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