How to BUY QUBIC on Bitmart

Scroll Down a little and there is a quick, 5 step tutorial!

I’m going to show you how to buy #QUBIC on BitMart. Please sign up using my BitMart referral link if you do not have one already. (HERE).

To buy QUBIC on BitMart, you need USDT. To get USDT, you can either send a different coin to your BitMart wallet and ‘trade’ for USDT or you can BUY USDT straight from the exchange.

I use COINBASE to buy USDT with my debit card and then transfer it to BitMart.

If you don’t have Coinbase, sign up ( They give out a free $40 if you take their little quizzes.

#1 Buying USDT on Coinbase

#2 Sending USDT to BitMart

After your USDT coins are available on Coinbase, which should only take a few minutes. You’re going to need to send those tokens to Bitmart.

Go into your BitMart account and Search for USDT. Then, click Deposit. The ‘Address’ it gives you is where you will want to send your USDT Coinbase coins. For the sake of the exercise, I have used a test address. (I highly recommend applying for level 2 account status. That’ll give you the ability to buy/sell more than 10Mil at a time. It’ll take an extra day or two, plus you must submit more information about yourself).

That address is going to be what you paste into your Coinbase account, within USDT.

As you can see, I now have USDT in my account.

#5 BUYING QUBIC on Bitmart

Within ‘Asset’ search for QUBIC and click Trade.

Since you’re buying QUBIC, you’re going to use the left side, the green one.

The number in the middle means the current value. The green below is what people want to buy for, currently and the red… is what people are trying to sell for.

You can choose any number you want as the price will go up and down. I usually choose a few points less than what it’s trading at. BUT, I have missed on some purchased because of it.

If you hit MARKET, you will get it for what it’s being sold at. THAT is the fastest way to buy QUBIC on Bitmart.

I Hope you were able to get it. Please feel free to ping me on Twitter if you’d like to let me know you enjoyed this!


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