30-60-90 Day Business Plan

Wow – I recently got a bunch of folks online asking for a sample of my 30-60-90 day format. So, as promised, here it is. FIRST and FOREMOST, read through the entire thing, take what you like, remove what you don’t and MAKE IT YOUR OWN… specific for the job! I think this can be used for SDR’s, AM’s, sales folks and every customer success. Include #’s and metrics too.

Business Plan: 30/60/90 Day SAMPLE

First Month:

  • Successfully complete onboarding
  • Learn internal landscape (sales, support etc)
  • Learn ‘Company Name software’
  • Obtain access to Salesforce (CRM) and run reports so I have a clear understanding of what data is available
  • Determine which accounts are coming up for renewal and which accounts can be sold additional solutions/features
  • Dive into ‘software being offered by the team’ and begin updating contact information
  • Interview and survey current SDR/AM/AE/sales people to determine what makes a SDR/AM/AE/sales people successful
  • Determine ‘the perfect’ day and ‘the perfect’ week (Prospecting, scheduling meetings and emails)
  • Read and study customer testimonials to leverage for future use
  • Obtain/create talk tracks for new business and current clients


Second Month:

  • Identify the top influential decision makers within accounts to prospect into
  • Connect with all clients and establish a partnership
  • Identify high value external networking groups to join
  • Determine which clients have mutual contacts within my network and determine how to leverage them
  • Determine which clients can be references
  • Leverage personal network to create mutual partnerships
  • Continue approaching accounts which can be sold for additional revenue
  • Create auto-drip email campaigns; current clients and for prospecting
  • Update create/execute weekly tasks


Third Month:

  • Continue to learn more about the product offering
  • Be comfortable enough to give a demonstration
  • Beginning writing posts on human capital management which will be shared and sent to clients/prospects
  • Expand my network leveraging LinkedIn to create additional mutual connections
  • Continue approaching accounts which can be sold for additional solutions
  • Continue prospecting and scheduling meetings

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or comment. Also, share if you find valuable!