Mentors Make A Difference – Stop Talking Yourself Out of Your Own Success

power of whoHow often do you ask your network for help?  How often do people ask you for help? How often do you help people with their problems? I think these questions help determine where you’re at in establishing your ‘who’ network. We’re all someone to somebody… but it depends where you’re at in each relationship. It’s kinda like leveling up in a video game. Some relationships, you’re a level 10, while in other relationships you’re a level 1. Make sense?

“Mentors make a difference. The people with whom you associate will, in large measure, determine the level of your success and failure in life. Remember, everyone is an influencer.”[note]Page 138[/note]

I reach out to a select group of people that I consider influencers when I have questions and need help. I also have a group of people that reach out to me when they need help. It’s ever evolving and we’re all helping each other. You’d truly be amazed at the conversations we have and how appreciative we are of each others times. Hardly, if ever, am I upset that I need to take a call from someone in my network.

One of the beauties of having mentors and being a mentor is that those people have typically been in your shoes before. You can ask them a question and they’re going to give you an answer which is backed up by experience. They’ll help you figure out those tough questions you keep asking yourself. Maybe you’re at a cross road in your journey and you need a few ears to listen to your worry’s. Maybe you’ve taken a detour to our dream and they’ll help you see that the next decision is coming.

“Remember, a detour is not permanent. It’s not the road to your destiny. It’s a necessary but temporary side route. Perhaps there are some things you need to acquire to learn.”[note]Page 145[/note]

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Maybe your next job isn’t the ‘dream’ job, but you gain experience in management and making decisions. Those two things could get you earn your next role, which in your dream job. You never really know until you try. I think it’s important to understand that the decisions we make, we always have a choice in making them. With any given situation, you need to be optimistic on the outcome.

You need to find something to be positive about! There has to be something in your situation you can grow from. Having a negative outlook is only going to crush your dreams. What happens when your dreams are crushed…You become complacent and give up.

“Negative ‘self-talk’ is an assault on your dreams. Don’t put up with it! Most people are so accustomed to it they don’t even notice its intrusion. They let it sneak in and ruin their potential for success by causing them to quit too soon.”[note]Page 149[/note]

Negative talk really pisses me off. When people use excuses before they even try is truly frustrating. Stop giving yourself a way out. Stop giving up the opportunity to do something different. It’s crap. You’re not going to get anywhere if you talk down at yourself. Do you think anyone that has even been successful told themselves that they suck?

NO! I’m sure you see all of that motivational stuff online everyday. Start living that stuff. You’d be surprised what comes from being positive and you giving yourself positive reinforcement. Take one step forward each day and you’ll continuously be getting better.

“Destiny, disguised as spontaneous moments, has a way of disregarding your current personal agenda to make necessary course corrections. These unexpected, serendipitous interruptions are designed to have the delightful effect of redirecting your trajectory. Sometimes these corrections aren’t readily apparent.”[note]Page 160[/note]

That’s an Ah-Ha Moment right there! Look at all of the successful people you’ve ever met in your life… now ask yourself whats so different about them. What did they do to get to where they are now? What makes them so special? Leading up to this quote should paint a picture as to why they’re different. They’re positive, they’re taking action, they’re propping themselves up, they’re asking for help, they have mentors, they’re open the change and they accept it… The list can go on.

When you find someone that does these things, you’ll know you need them to join your ‘who’ network. The continuous growth and support you can receive from each other is so empowering. First, you need to get into the habit of giving.

“Giving is such an essential part of the Power of ‘WHO!’ Giving  unconditionally release joy within you that you never knew existed. What would the world be like if everyone helped their ‘who’ World internationally? Once we change our paradigm from ‘Me first,’ ‘Me alone,’ and ‘I can do it by myself,’ to ‘How can I help you?’ ‘What do you need?’ and ‘Yes. I will help,’ then everything in our lives will change for the better.”[note]Page 171[/note]

Depending on where you’re at in following my journey of writing, you will have previously read my write about this. I’ve written about this more than fives time and I will probably write about it another five times this year. Do you know why so many people write about helping others? Because all of these people are successful and they’ve all done this in their path to success.

You don’t get to where you want to go without helping others get to where they want to go too. We all need help at some point in our journey, so be the first one to help someone in need. The good things you do now, and everyday, will only continuously help you now and in the future.


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