WadzPay Chain Overview

As an AVID #WadzPay fan, and token holder, I am compelled to share the information that WadzPay is posting online! I am not affiliated with Wadz or paid from Wadz. To BUY Wadz on Bitmart, please head to -> Buy WadzPay on Bitmart.

The WadzPay Chain Overview!

The Need For WadzPay Chain

Blockchain-powered Solutions have the protentional to revolutionize payments, but existing platforms are note designed to meet the need of the payment world.

The need for wadzpay chainAt various levels of the payment ecosystem, companies require control over private environments, support for customizable commercial terms and an ability to make incremental upgrades and change.

WadzPay Chain is going to do just that. The future of this company and token is going to shock the world!


WadzPay Chain!

  • Decentralized hybrid public and private
  • blockchain with permission-based layer
  • Independent from Layer 1 (L1) blockchains
  • Ability to process refunds, as well as gas fees
  • Blockchain agnostic and interoperable
  • Customizable data feeds to support
  • reporting requirements
  • Aggregation of wallets from child into master wallets
  • Fully replace traditional accounting systems with the ledger
  • Upgradable and future-proof
  • Blockchain explorer with privacy features
  • Fee routing with no additional fees for extra routing steps
  • Modular environments for each customer
  • Supports multiple currencies in one transaction cycle (including loyalty tokens)
  • Send to usernames instead of wallet addresses
  • Supports microtransactions
  • Metaverse ready