Where to buy Wadzpay?

I BUY all my tokens on Bitmart -> https://www.bitmart.com/register-referral/en?r=PA3fBh

Use my sign up code! Small commission from Bitmart that helps run the site.

The other one is Bitrue, but I am unable to sign up for it right now based on my state. Check back later for the sign up code.

@WadzPay CEO @Anish_tweeets with more than 15 years at @Mastercard & @AmericanExpress featured on @pymnts talking about interoperability powering #blockchain adoption. https://pymnts.com/blockchain/2022/how-interoperability-is-fueling-blockchain-adoption/

To get the masses on board with #blockchain, we need practical use-cases. This is where Anish’s payment expertise comes in. The @geidea pilgrim program & @DubaiDutyFree program lead the way as first-of-their-kind examples. One of the main themes around @WadzPay is INTER-OPERABILITY. “The beauty of the WadzPay ecosystem is it connects not just into one bank or one market. It’s a global system, which then gives access to different markets as well.” – @Anish_tweeets

Anish highlights that interoperability is a two-fold process. a) WadzPay connects to a bank’s mainframe ecosystem, becoming the default blockchain provider. This empowers financial institutions (FIs) to leverage any current or emerging blockchain technology.

The interoperability enabled by WadzPay is between blockchains. @WadzPay can seamlessly jump between different blockchain protocols and process transactions based on the specific needs of financial institutions or customers. It is not restricted within a blockchain. WadzPay’s secret sauce is Atlytica – their cutting-edge infrastructure that connects everyone in the payments industry. From banks and enterprises to payment processors, merchants, and consumers, all players can integrate easily through simple wallet integrations.

Blockchain is definitely an interesting technology and we see much development in this regard. But, they’ve been functioning as isolated islands in a sense. With Atlytica, real world adoption is now a reality. We will see this tech live with the pilgrim program and duty free.

Despite being a small cap company, made waves by participating in @Sibos 2022. That’s no small feat. This technology is definitely turning heads – the influential ones if I may add. The big boys seem to be interested in what @WadzPay have to offer.

8/ POV: The team and tech is definitely on point for me. I will be following @WadzPay closely and I am personally excited about this one. Please #DYOR. None of this is financial advice.

Huge props to RichCulture on Twitter.