New Past Time = Forex Trading

A friend of mine recently mentioned that he had created a ‘bot’ to do trading on the Forex market. For those of you that don’t know what Forex is, it’s currency trading. It is a new area of investment for me, but I’m pretty excited. So far, the bot has produced between 1 and 3% a day. YES, a day and it compounds. There is a fee, on my profit, that I pay my friend. It’s definitely worth it.

For the sake of documenting everything, I wanted to load an account with $2,000. You can sign up for the same platform too ( Or, get in touch with me and I can set up the introduction!

TO get money into the FX account, you need to either transfer bitcoin or you can use a credit card, through a partner of LQD. They do charge 2%, which can add up quickly. Since I went the bitcoin way, I wasn’t able to load exactly $2k.

I was able to load $1,998.83 into the account on January 19th.

The bot started making it’s first set of trades on the 20th.

All in all, The account returned $19.93 on it’s first day of trading and I DID nothing.

That is .997% return. Basically 1%. Not bad for doing absolutely nothing but letting the money sit there and do its job.